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About Temple

Main Deity : Devi Kamakshi Amman

Other Deities:Vinayagar, Saptha Matrikas

Origin of Name Mangadu - Once upon a time this place is said to have been a forest full of Mango trees. Hence the name mangadu, meaning Mango (Manga in Tamil) + Kadu (Forest). Kamakshi's arrival to Mangadu: The story is that Shiva and Parvati were in Kailash, when playfully Parvati closed the eyes of Shiva because of which the whole world fell into darkness. Shiva got angry and banished Parvati to earth. Parvati then came to Mangadu. She did a difficult Penance in Panchagni (Pancha + Agni, in Sanskrit meaning five (pits of) + Fire) in Tree pose, wanting to unite with Shiva. Pleased with the penance Shiva came down to marry Parvathi and they got married in Kanchipuram during the day of Panguni Uthiram. In her eagerness to get married, she is said to have left in hurry without putting off the fire from the pits. So the whole place became unbearably hot. Then Adhi Sankarar is said to have visited here and installed a Sri Ardhameru Chakra to bring down the heat. Sri Chakram:The chakra here is one of the biggest. It has a base of Koorma (tortoise). From the base, three steps and then 16 lotus petals and then 8 petals constitutes the Ardha Meru Chakra. Special poojas to the Chakras are being performed.

Sub History

The velleswar temple and Kamakshi Temple are said to be one. So there is no separate shrine for Ambal in this temple. The Vaikunta Perumal in the nearby temple is said to have done Kanya danam of Parvati during her wedding.

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Pooja Details

Special Pooja
Pooja Name Day Start Time
Ushathkalam daily 05:00 AM
Kalasandhi daily 09:00 AM
Uchikalam daily 01:00 PM
Sayarakshai daily 06:00 PM
Arthajamam daily 10:00 PM
Festival Details
Festival Name Start Date End Date

Location / Contacts

Kundrathur -sriperumbudur Rd, Srinivasa , Chennai,Tamil Nadu,600122
+91 44 - 26790053 , +91 44 - 26791883
Morning: 05:00 AM - 01:00 PM ,
Evening: 03:00 PM - 09:30 PM


  • Accommodation
  • Parking yes
  • Medical
  • Feed
  • Rest Room yes
  • cloak Room yes
  • Function Hall yes
  • Kodi Kambam

Nearby By Station

  • Railway Station: Chennai - Tambaram 28.6 km Chennai - Egmore 4.4 km Chennai Central - M G R Station 1.6 km
  • Bus stop:
    CMBT - Koyambedu 15.2 km
  • Airport: Chennai Meenambakkam Airport 8.7 km

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