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About Temple

Main Deity : Venkata Krishnan - Parthasarathy , Ramar , Yoga Narasimhar - Thellia Singa Perumal , Ranganathar , Gajendra Varadar.

Other Deities:Andal, Hanuman, Azhwars, Ramanujar, Manavala Maamuni

According to Brahmanda Puranam, the five Deities in the temple are said to have been worshipped by the Saptah Rishis viz. Bhrigu, Manchi, Atri, Markandeya, Sumathi, Saptharoma and Jabali and also have been praised by two of the earliest Alwars 1. Partha Sarathy - There was this King called Sumathy, who was a Krishna Bhakt. He wanted to see Krishna in the form of Krishna, who fought on the side of Pandava in the Mahabharatha, and has taken the role of Sarathy (charioteer) for Arjuna (Partha). Hence the name Parthasarathy. After the darshan the king wanted him to have a permanent abode here. Thus the temple. The deity here is called Venkata Krishnan. Mruthy is of 9feet height, sporting a mustache(only one Vishnu temple), injury marks in the face, as he took the spears aimed at Arjuna by Bhisma on his face. He is with his family - Rukmini, elder brother Balarama, younger brother - Satyaki, Son Pradyumnan and grandson Anirudh. 2. Vedavalli Tayar - 3. Yoga Narasimhar - Narasimhar known as ' ' came to this temple at the request of Atri Maharishi. Since he is Yoga sthithi, no bells are wrung here. Also the bells in the doors do not have the inner tongue so that it does not make noise. 4. Pancha murthy sthalam - here one can see Krisha in his five avatars - Krishna, Rama, Narasimha, Varaha and Ranganatha.

Sub History

The great Tamil Poet Bharatiyar and Mathematician Ramanujam were supposed to be frequent visitors to this temple. The pallakku thooki's used to be the fishermen of the area It is believed that this temple was a resting place for all pilgrims travelling from Tirupati on auspicious occasions such as the solar and lunar eclipse since 5000 years.

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Pooja Details

Special Pooja
Pooja Name Day Start Time
Thirumanjana Kudam daily 05:50 AM
Suprabatham daily 05:55 AM
Vishwaroopam daily 06:00 AM
Thiruvaradhanam daily 06:15 AM
Kalasanthi daily 08:00 AM
Uchikkala Poojai daily 11:00 AM
Thirukappu daily 12:30 PM
Thirukappu daily 04:00 PM
Nithya Anusanthanam daily 06:00 PM
Thiruvaradanam daily 07:00 PM
Arthajamam daily 09:00 PM
Festival Details
Festival Name Start Date End Date
10/10/2000 10/10/2000

Location / Contacts

Deputy Commissioner/executive Officer,, Chennai,Tamil Nadu,600041
+91 44 28442449 , + 91 44 28442462
Morning: 05:30 AM - 12:00 AM ,
Evening: 04:00 PM - 08:30 PM


  • Accommodation
  • Parking yes
  • Medical
  • Feed
  • Rest Room yes
  • cloak Room yes
  • Function Hall yes
  • Kodi Kambam

Nearby By Station

  • Railway Station: Chennai - Tambaram 25.7 km Chennai - Egmore 4.4 km Chennai Central - M G R Station 5.9 km
  • Bus stop:
    V.Illam to Mathur - 29D

    Vallalar Nagar to V.Illam - 24A

    Anna Square to Poonthamallee - 25G

    Vallalar Nagar to V.Illam - 32
  • Airport: Chennai Meenambakkam Airport 14.8 km

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